Stepping back to the 90s with Hanson










Lining up outside Metros it was noticeable that the crowd consisted of original and newfound fans (mostly girls of course), all of which had come to get crazy once more for Hanson, kicking off the Australian leg of their Middle Of Everywhere Tour.

The Hunting Birds opened the night by giving the audience a taste of their harmony filled folk-rock songs, their bursting country sound refreshing to hear. Their songs Burn The House Down and From The Ashes certainly showed their talent for creating upbeat, earthy country music. The band has quite a likeness to Sheppard, perhaps leaning towards a more rural sound rather than city-pop. It would be interesting to follow their journey and watch how they progress in today’s music scene.

Reality set in as Hanson rolled out onto the stage enthusiastically and the crowd was greeted with a lively g’day from Taylor, gosh that smile.

The brothers began to energise the crowd as they ripped into their vast collection of songs, belting out one hit after the next. After initially rockin’ out to Already Home, Where’s The Love and Look At You the band eased the pace as they brought out their slow love songs. The atmosphere was just as intoxicating for the band’s power ballads as it had been electrifying during their rocking hits.

An hour into the night and Taylor asks the crowd, “Are you getting tired, ready to go home yet?” The crowd’s frenzied screams sent back a clear message akin to a ‘hell nah’. Of course the crowd wasn’t going to call it a night yet, they were still waiting for the infamous MMMBop. Even though the band no longer have their squeaky-high, adolescent tones they still perform their earlier hits with the same passion and great sound.

Isaac treated us with amazing guitar solos cementing his place in the league of extraordinary guitar players, giving added meaning to the song Fired Up. The band exited the stage briefly before coming back for their final appearance in time for an amazing acapella cover of Rockin’ Robin by Bobby Day.  They blasted Chuck Berry’s Johnny B Goode as tribute and topped it off with Lost Without Each Other.

The exceptional talent Hanson have displayed when they first hit the charts has grown up with them. The tight bond of brotherhood lends a unique synchronicity to their music, showcasing just how skilled they are – which includes making an enduring two-hour set look effortless. By no means have we seen the end of this incredible rock band.

-Photography by Aaron Rebeiro

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