Tired Lion at Badlands Bar

Coming into the colder months there were already signs of the inevitable tour clashes as festivals wound down and single releases became the headline for shows around town.  With more than a few keen acts playing this weekend I couldn’t pass up another chance to jump around to local garage indie rock outfit Tired Lion as they celebrated their new tune Cinderella Dracula at the reincarnated Badlands Bar.

Supported by hardcore grunge act Glass Wave, the local four piece showed some strength in their sound until someone pointed out a vague repetitiveness to the drum beat.  Nevertheless they were an entertaining opener and with a bit of polish might see them among the scene more regularly.

Excited to catch Tiny Little Houses again so soon after their own EP tour at the end of last year, the first portion of their set was marred by sound difficulties cultivating at the moment the vocals went out entirely at the height of their arguable biggest hit “Soon We Won’t Exist”.  But it was obvious there were plenty of fans in the room as a light chant kept up the pace before the mics returned to their original functionality.  Even still the line between the almost whisper spoken lyrics and the climaxing chorus remained disappointingly imbalanced for most of the set.

Laughing at how they had just flown into Perth and had taken the napping route over sound check rehearsals, “cool guys” Tiny Little Houses wasted no time in playing a slew of new tracks, proving to lightly test the boundaries of their more mainstream sounding songs, even taking a minute to quickly teach their guitarist the chords of one track.  Although it lacked some of the fine-tuned punch of their headline show, it was no less beguiling.

Tired Lion hit the stage like a homecoming, DJ air horns included as the band took their places, lead Sophie Hopes taking the time to check her bottle of bourbon was in order before charging into her characteristic introductions.  The front lines clutched at the stage as the mosh slowly built throughout the set, a few punters taking it in their stead to initiate some stage diving to various success.  The riotous guitar shreds and hammering percussion keeping the crowd feverish as the moved through the setlist of old Figurine favourites and fresh tunes.

Staring at the front rows Hopes took a moment to admire the fans, observing that “there’s so many girls at the front singing all the lyrics and I’m so stoked”.  After pulling an extended ending for Agoraphobia, the band left the stage while Hopes remained, declaring she refused to pull the fake encore move before rewarding the venue with the infectious Cinderella Dracula.  Tempting the room with the opening lines of the Dawsons Creek theme tune, after much deliberation a cover of Song 2 by Blur was thrown out onto the ecstatic crowd, the Badlands pit taken over by cavorting limbs.




Photography by Aaron Rebeiro

Steph Payton

Steph describes herself as a walking, talking Shazam, due to her being able to recognise any song and immediately pick its name, artist and probably who produced it and when. She enjoys festivals, puppers and being better than Joe Wilson.

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