Ali Barter – A Suitable Girl Headline Tour

It was a rewarding night for those who invested into coming to see the very cool Ali Barter live at Jack Rabbit Slims. The near sell-out show made for a fun time of dancing, sing alongs and laughing (with Barter) at the hooligans amidst the crowd, who were little in number and who thankfully did not taint the evening.

The stage opened with Dream Rimmy, a delightfully whimsical 6 piece rock band. Oxygen was an explosion of airy layered sounds of guitar and synth, complimented with quirky lyrics. Their first song choice was a great gauge of what was yet to be a thoroughly enjoyable psychedelic journey of a set, definitely a band that is worth spending some discovery time on. With songs such as Like Me, Landslide and Tired, Dream Rimmy had the crowd captivated and in adoration of their sweet poppy sounds.

Everyone was so expectant, revved up and whipped into a frenzy of waiting for Ali Barter and her band to enter onto the stage. At last the crowd were satisfied, as Barter jumped straight into Please Stay, and how fitting for all the Perth peeps – the music video for the song was filmed in the humble local areas of Morley and Warwick! Talk about hitting it close to home.

The band seemed to admire the numbers, Barter taking a pause to say “wow, there are a lot of you.” They gave us all the favourites and plenty from the new record, A Suitable Girl, opening up their broad array of rockin’ tunes. Hypercolour had everyone bopping about wildly and then immediately swooning and swaying slowly over Community.

It was an absolute treat to have Barter open up a little about her journey, mentioning the period where she wasn’t able to sing. “It made me a fucking bitch…music is my therapy. This was the first song I wrote when I could begin to sing again.” And with that, she delved into a solo performance of It’s Not Real. The Perth crowd admired in contemplation, as Barter had all wrapped around her fingers just as those fingers have power over a guitar. “Enough of that sad shit, we’re gonna get rowdy,” she said with a cheeky demeanour. Indeed Barter and her band delivered as promised in re-wiring the crowd. They had a way of turning the mood around, pumping out Cigarette and Far Away for everyone to jam to.

Finally, as the long-awaited Girlie Bits was played, the crowd went ecstatic and showed much love for the song as they beamed and sang along loyally. A fantastic performance all round, Ali Barter is one artist that is bound to get you rockin’ alongside her.

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