Elli Schoen’s Gold Mess at Mojo’s Bar


The numbers crept in on Mojos and curiosity grew as a special performance was awaited by up-and-coming singer songwriter Elli Schoen, whose EP launch had gathered quite the anticipation.

Supported by a number of opening artists, firstly New Nausea, followed by Brayden Sibbald, Stella Donnelly, and Phocal, Elli and her band took to stage.

Throughout their brief set, Phocal inspired listeners with their smooth jazzy sound, bringing a cruisy New York blues vibe to the atmosphere. Vocalist Phoebe Gunson has got some lungs on her and she didn’t hold back, meanwhile producer Jcal was live mixing the beats and infusing texture into their sound.

Phocal continued to mesmerise the audience by recapping some of their beautiful, fresh tracks from their collection that are definitely worth checking out in time for the next backyard lounge party. The audience got into a good groove and Phocal’s cover of Kid Cudi’s Pursuit of Happiness was a floating beauty with lilting tones.

Elli Schoen’s immense enjoyment of the stage captivated and enthralled the audience, heightening the atmosphere. Her pure and buoyant voice captivated the audience, alluring all with the tender words of Red Rider and Shark. Her rich timbre, clear high notes, and uplifting melodies warmed the crowd. Schoen was accompanied by Anthony Doherty on drums, Jade Richards with backing vocals, and James Dunn on keys, and indeed they all looked excited.

The band’s original rendition on a legendary INXS song Never Tear Us Apart was a fresh, masterful composition.  They strung it out and flung a western spin on the song that swelled in the ears of contented listeners, who approved as the band  went on to execute

Schoen busted out a near hour-long set, being sure to include tracks from her new EP Gold Mess that are guaranteed to follow listeners well after the night is gone. An encore was assumed, but none anticipated an incredibly soulful stylisation of Justin Timberlake’s Cry Me A River, which transcended a mere cover.

The depth of Schoen’s vocal range was matched only by her ability to take the audience on a journey to feel the heights of her happiness and the depth of her sorrow.  Definitely a gem to experience live, do yourself a favour and keep in touch with her infectious, beautiful tunes.

Photos by Linda Dunjey


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