The Showhouse Perth Presents: Sugar High

Burlesque bombshells ‘The Showhouse Perth’ return to the stage with there new creamy, delightful act Sugar High.

Up until mid-2016 I had not heard of The Showhouse Perth. I knew of a few burlesque groups around, mainly Sugar Blue, so as a fan of the genre I was intrigued to see what The Showhouse could do. Their ‘Midnight Special’ show was a magnificent experience and I left being very impressed at the skill, production value and talent on display. Of course, I had to see their new show ‘Sugar High’, the first of which opened at Late Night Valentine’s last Friday.

Immediately audiences who saw ‘The Midnight Special’ will notice the different atmosphere upon entering a ‘Sugar High’ venue. The stage was awash with pinks and blues, and trampolines were stacked to the edges. The alluring door-girl was clad in a bright pink one-piece swimsuit and her face sparkled with glitter and gloss and she bared a smile that could knock you out cold.

With ‘Sugar High’, it is less neo-noir and femme fatale, and capitalises on mid-late 90s bubble-gum glitz and glam. Think Spice Girls meets Coyote Ugly. The girls open with a sugary number that sets the tone for the rest of the show; summer vibes and candy-shop sweetness. Its hot enough to necessitate a quick dousing. Lucky the girls are carrying water pistols!

Each act is quick and the energetic transition to the next does not leave you with time to digest the full flavour, much like stuffing your face with a block of chocolate. You can’t quite stop! However, this is not a bad thing, as in a show like ‘Sugar High’ you won’t want to come up for air. The raw talent and incredible production value yet again cement The Showhouse Perth as the new high standard for WA burlesque.

The standout act, at least for me, featured Kiki Cola (Elouise) flanked by glittering green booty short clad Candie Love (Lili) and Diamond Devine (Rafaela), singing between a pair of peacock feathers. The Showhouse crew are clearly a talented and dedicated group. The art consumes the girls and their passion translates on stage.

In theme, while I loved the noir vibes of ‘The Midnight Special’ and remains my favourite burlesque performance thus far, ‘Sugar High’ hits every sweet, delicious note and will be a must-see while the weather remains hot.

Liam Thomson

Review Editor

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