State of Mind: Five Minutes with ‘The Hunting Birds’


Jai Price sat down with dual lead vocalists Connor Minervini and Kendra Fewster of local folk group ‘The Hunting Birds‘ for a quick chat backstage at their latest, and first big stage, performance in Wanneroo.

What are your musical influences?

C: I was really into old school folk, the revival from like the 60s, I’ve also been into all the pop stuff from when I was younger. You just get into 80s rock, anything that had a guitar or strong lyrical content, I’d usually be into. You draw influence from a lot of different things, so when you’re writing, you never know what’s going to come out. That’s always nice.

Do you find it easy to write songs once you get going, or is it a bit of a slow process?

K: It depends on the song, a lot of the time.

C: And the person. Some people are really prolific with their writing. At times you can write up to 15 tunes. At the moment it’s been a bit slower on my end. I used to writing, like, 10 songs a month or something like that, there would be 9 of them I didn’t like. You hear that story all the time, but it actually happens. You get rid of ideas and good stuff like that. I think nowadays it’s more like, if I like it, I’ll continue and finish it, we’ll use it. More efficient writing.

ac3i9093So you guys recently performed for telethon, what was that like?

C: It was fun, it was pretty, live TV seems like a very daunting task. It’s very fast, very instant, so you don’t get to soak in as much as you’d like as a professional, but all together I thought it went pretty well to be honest.

And that was your first televised performance?

C: Yeah, that was.

With nerves and stuff it’s kind of hard to enjoy it, but I feel like I kind of relaxed and enjoyed it.

Once you got used to the camera?

K: Yeah, basically, and all the people as well. You forget there’s an actual audience too.
A few months back you had that tour down south. Was that your first tour?

C: Yes, it was our first run of shows as headliners. It was fun, it was different. We hadn’t had the chance to go down, when we finally did get that chance it was fun. It was nice to see some new faces and put a face to that name, so it’s been good.
Good to broaden the audience area. We’ve only been based in Perth, so it was good to get down there and do that.

Were you surprised at the turnout?

Yeah, there was our launch, which was really great, at Jimmy’s Den. Then we came to Fremantle, and we had a great night there too. Margaret River was really, really great. It was just a bunch of really memorable moments for us as a band. I think we’ll look back on it fondly in the future.

How has your career so far affected your personal and social lives?

C: I think being in a band, socially, you end up just being around bandmates all the time.

K: And other musicians as well. It’s kind of, I don’t know, you’re all not on that same wavelength most of the time.
C: You do lose touch with a lot of people that aren’t involved in music, particularly just mates you had that, you know, music takes up the time that you would have on the weekend with them, so it’s just like, I think they understand and everyone has a mutual understanding of what we need to do and I guess they’re still supportive. So you lose that but you gain new friends in music, wth the same mindset, it’s always good to hang around people like that.

You recently debuted your new single, State of Mind, what’s next in terms of albums or releases in general?

We’re just finishing our first single, hoping to release that early January, and we’re hopefully gonna do a run of shows with that, too. Exciting things for us back on the recording front, for sure.

So you’ve got the possibility of playing Falls Festival, how do you feel about that?

hunting-birds-wan5 C: It’s a great opportunity if it goes through. We’re definitely keen to get some people behind that, it’d be really great. Especially being from Fremantle, being able to play such a massive festival at Fals, such great acts. Just being a part in that in general would be something to behold.

How did that come about?

K: Music Insight was nice enough to give us a helping hand and foster us, so that’s how we got our position as one of the six bands that are in the running. That was really cool of them and we’re really appreciative of that. That’d be another step in the right direction for us as a band.

Vote for ‘The Hunting Birds’ to play Falls Downtown in 2017 below:

Jai Price

Jai is a 21 year-old Perth lad looking to be a moderately successful teacher and/or journalist. His interests include playing videogames, watching anime, reading manga (and, you know, actual tv shows and literature) and writing reviews. His most shameful interest is an unironic love of Maroon 5.

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