Siren Sounds – Auguste

siren sounds - auguste1

Lilting, succinct, subtle and mesmerising is what Adelaide indie-pop duo Auguste’s new single Siren Sounds is.

A track which epitomises the duos evolution as they further develop their sound into lucidly, electronic territory – it’s a bold new step with and intrepid mix of genre’s overlayed and mixed in.

The track kicks off in an ethereal fashion, teasing the listener into a conceptual space of retrograde synth from genre’s gone by. The vocals of Beth Keough lightly appear amidst a faint cloud of computerised drum beats drawing the verse into a gentle, anticipated premonition of a soulful chorus to follow.

Feeling short and snappy, you don’t feel as if you are waiting for the “good bit” of the track. The verse just throws you into the chorus which features vaguely similar vocals of The Fame-era Lady GaGa. siren sounds - auguste2

The track ultimately builds itself on the vocal dynamics between Skye Lockwood and Beth Keough which help glue the track together. A marriage of a voice airy and soft intertwined with a bolder, soulful vocal.

The track gives you a lucid satisfaction and closes on a wave of gentle synths and peppered, articulated piano notes. Initially feeling like a gentle breeze, tossing you into a whirlwind and then leaving you in a space you never really could recall getting to.

Siren Sounds is very much like a whimsical wanderlust quote, where it takes you on a journey you really don’t wish to end – Auguste, you have nailed it once again.


Joe Wilson

Joe prides himself on being the only person to consider sparklers in a total fire ban to be a good idea and surviving the 20 minute odyssey from the festival to his campsite at Southbound. He is a regular punter at Perth gigs and has recently picked up the grand title of Master of Reviews at Grok. He also suffers from alcohol-induced multiple personality disorder and has two known alter-egos; Late Night Joe and Chuck.

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