Teischa Nails It at Jimmy’s Den

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Sometimes, in the day and age of the internet, when you have hundreds…if not thousands of musicians vying for the same amount of space in an article or review – it can feel a little bit suffocating at times, constantly being drawn to what is the next hit. With Teischa, she completely overturned that notion, peeling back the layers of how a record is produced and ultimately performed.

Featuring a plethora of guest musicians dotted throughout her set and two stellar support acts to bolster her overall show, it was a night to herald the impressive and indeed a celebration of the musical allies which surrounded her at Jimmy’s Den.

Photo: Castaway Photography

The first act of the night to hit it off at Jimmy’s Den was Stella Donnelly, the perfect ratio between whimsical and humorous. The backbone of Donnelly’s talents lay behind her song writing and the absolute joy it was to witness them live.

Stella Donnelly
Photo: Castaway Photography

Her songs had those programmatic qualities to them – making the tracks impossible to passively listen to live. Instead the intriguing lyrical comedy drew the punters in to pay close attention to Donnelly’s act. Armed with just her vocals and an acoustic guitar, Sportsbet Sausage was especially pleasurable to listen to as it possibly illustrated the very meaning of the Australian lifestyle, snags and gambling.

These Winter Nights presented the perfect combination of folk and alternative rock. With lead singer Lucas Jones’s vocals articulately leading the charge of the performance, a crescendo of acoustic guitars, addictive drum beats and smooth bass followed. With a music bass which felt like early Mumford and Sons but with a alt-rock overlay which gave the band a hint of uniqueness, the band were catchy all the same and pleasing to watch.

These Winter Nights
Photo: Castaway Photography

Not too hard core to be deafened and thrashed about to, but enough to have a good time and enjoy a nice, chill beer to.

When Teischa emerged on to the stage, there was a distinct classy aura which emanated from her presence. One of those musicians who are crazy talented and wondering where on earth did they come from, Teischa got stuck straight into her set in a calm and collected manner – nothing short of a pro. The first feature you notice when you see her perform is her explosive vocals, which denote a deep, brooding, bluesy tonality, a tonality which evokes a raw, emotional response from the punter, placing them in a raw and brooding space.

Photo: Castaway Photography

With her band consisting of Stella Donnelly on the keys and a host of other musicians supporting the other instrumentation, Teischa certainly had the manpower to create a crisp and classy wall of sound.

Photo: Castaway Photography

Think Phil Spector instrumentation, but grinded and sculpted by the blood and sweat of personal circumstance and mired by the differential styles of the multiple performing musicians whilst on stage.

To keep the crowd on their toes, Teischa featured a guest rapper to provide a freestyle sesh halfway through some of her tracks.

POW Negro
Photo: Castaway Photography

Nelson Mondlane from Pow! Negro  tore up the stage with quick paced poetry, enacting the worlds through a beauty of movement and physicality. Quickly finishing off his rap and disappearing back into the crowd the set then took a more cool and auspicious route, with Oh Brother upping a slow and brooding atmosphere.

The show came to a head with in a flurry of soulful blues and mildly glistening electronica. Relentless in her approach, Teischa kept hitting it right until the end, with those lucidly, robust vocals eloquently washing over the punter’s ear drums.

Teischa is a performer that definitely deserves more attention. Watch this singer – because damn girl, she nailed it.

Photo: Castaway Photography

Joe Wilson

Joe prides himself on being the only person to consider sparklers in a total fire ban to be a good idea and surviving the 20 minute odyssey from the festival to his campsite at Southbound. He is a regular punter at Perth gigs and has recently picked up the grand title of Master of Reviews at Grok. He also suffers from alcohol-induced multiple personality disorder and has two known alter-egos; Late Night Joe and Chuck.

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