Caravana Sun – Guerilla Club Tour

caravana-sun-8Caravana Sun performed at Fremantle Arts Centre’s super comfortable venue, and though the weather wasn’t exactly permitting, managed to put on a great show. They’re touring the country right now to promote their new album Guerrilla Club.

The band formed in 2009 and has since played over 500 gigs across a number of European tours. Caravana Sun’s sound is like a super fun cocktail of ska and reggae; easy to digest and infectiously entertaining. Imagine John Butler Trio met UB40 and mixed in some Aussie Crawl, then you might be in the same ballpark as Caravana Sun.

caravana-sun-3Though it took 1 or 2 songs to get the audience into it, eventually the majority of them ended up in front of the stage dancing, despite the weather. As the rain got heavier the band invited the crowd as close to the stage as they could get, under cover. For practically the whole show the crowd was loving it, dancing and singing along at every opportunity.

Throughout the performance, bassist and co-vocalist Ant Beard was giving shout outs left and right – shout out to Cygnet Bay, shout out to Indigenous Australians, shout out to whales, shout out to mother earth, showing their passion for what they stand for as a band, and as people. caravana-sun-6They did mention that they felt connected to WA, especially since they wrote Open Up (a powerful song about opening up to Australian Aboriginal culture) in the Kimberley, and filmed the music video there. You could tell from how they spoke about topics like that that they held a great amount of respect.

One member in particular, Ken Allars, stood out to me in particular because of the impressive number of trumpet solos during the gig. It did occur to me that he could have a 3rd lung considering how tirelessly and skilfully he played.

caravana-sun-9This was definitely the type of gig anyone could enjoy, regardless of whether they were fans previous to the show or not.

Eventually, as the concert ended, the crowd cheered as they left the stage. Moments later, the band returned to play an encore of 2 songs, much to the attendees delight.caravana-sun-10

Caravana Sun puts on a great show and are real crowd pleasers, and as they have such a connection to WA, let’s hope we see them back here soon.




Annie Morris

Annie Morris is a student from Perth who likes art, music, movies, and video games and spends most of her life getting the bus somewhere.

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