Tash Sultana: Welcome to the Jungle

Tash Sultana

Melbourne born brother and sister musicians Josh Cashman and Tash Sultana performed (separately) at Mojos Bar Fremantle on Wednesday night.

Always the popular venue, a long line snaked out the door. The venue pumped with an eager audience by the time Josh appeared on stage. Though I hadn’t heard of Josh or Tash before coming to this show, the crowd gave me an impression that I was in for something sweet.

Josh Cashman

Josh worked his synth, guitar and drum pads to their full potential with a mixture of droning indie electronica and some beat boxing, throwing in a cheeky Michael Jackson cover of Billie Jean halfway through his set. His music is super easy to get into, and watching him perform I could tell he was loving every minute.

Josh Cashman

After a lengthy break following Josh’s set, Tash emerged from the smoke with a guitar around her neck to an electric crowd. Everyone was enjoying the show at this point (barring me, getting through some wicked cool glandular fever induced fatigue) as most of the attendees were obvious fans.

Tash Sultana

Tash is a tremendously talented musician. She smashed out a number of skilful guitar solos, evidencing the fact she started playing guitar at only 3 years old. Her airy yet intoxicating voice filled the room, reminiscent of 80’s pop’s Martika while still bringing a fresh, modern sound. After a few songs, she had the crowd swaying and singing along, able to engage with seemingly little effort. She held the stage on her own; a natural performer with no need of a backing band to carry her often mesmerising display. This was a confident artist who throws herself into each and every song.

Tash Sultana

Between tracks Tash bared her soul to the crowd, mentioning the lack of attendees to her previous shows. Surprising, as she and her brother managed to fill out Mojo’s with all sorts of different people. The crowd lapped up Jungle, Notion and I almost expected to see lighters raised toward the ceiling for Gemini.  

Tash Sultana

Throbbing basslines reverberated through the intimate venue as Tash threw herself against her synth, lost in her smoky, urban beats. Her fans hung on her every hook and shouted out the odd “I love you Tash!”   Her signature backwards cap fell off numerous times during her set from sheer passion. Putting it back on her head garnered a raucous response each time.

In closing, if you’ve heard Tash’s tracks online or on the radio and liked them, seeing her live is a must. I hadn’t heard of her previous to this gig I’m surprised, and I’m sure she’ll be a household name in no time. The independent performer managed to get her EP “Notion” to #11 in the ARIA Charts and shows no sign of slowing down.

Tash Sultana

Annie Morris

Annie Morris is a student from Perth who likes art, music, movies, and video games and spends most of her life getting the bus somewhere.

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