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Jai Price chatted with Bayside front-man Anthony Raneri ahead of their upcoming Australian tour, where they’ll be promoting their latest album, ‘Vacancy’, out now on Hopeless Records. Get your tickets here.

You recently released your new album, Vacancy, were there any particular highlights or issues you had creating it?

The biggest hurdle we faced working, was that the band was all over the country, so it was the first record that we made remotely. We were writing it over about six months and working on our own parts and mailing it back and forth to each other. Our last record we recorded, we were only in the studio for about 13 days, because we had worked on the songs so much beforehand. With this one we were in the studio for six weeks, because most of the time was spent patching up the songs.

Where do you draw inspiration for your song writing?

From my life you know, whatever’s going on in my life.

Any prime examples of that in the new album?

 This album, more-so, than any is a concept album of what I was going through when writing it, it’s the whole record really.

Sounds great! Youre touring Australia in November, for the first time since Soundwave 2015. How does it feel to be coming back?

It’s exciting, it’s one of our favourite places to go. We’re extra excited, because it’s actually going to be our first headline tour in Australia. We came over about eight years ago to do a support tour and we’ve done Soundwave three times, but this is the first time we’ve headlined. Throughout the rest of the world, we pretty much always headline. In the US and in Europe, we almost always headline. I think that’s definitely where we shine, so I’m happy to finally take that show to Australia.

Bayside 2016

So once youve finished touring Australia, whats next?

Well, we’re about half way through a US tour right now. Australia’s about two months from now, and then we’re going to do a couple of special holiday shows, like around our home town, around Christmas. Next year we’ll be doing another US tour.

Sounds good, lots to keep you busy then!

Yeah, nowadays we’re on the road four or five months out of the year, which is a lot less than we used to tour when we started out, but we keep pretty busy!

Thursday, 3rd November (18+)
Prince Of Wales, Bunbury
Tickets: Destroy All Lines

Friday, 4th November (18+)
Amplifier Bar, Perth
Tickets: Destroy All Lines

Saturday, 5th November (Lic/AA)
Fowlers Live, Adelaide
Tickets: Destroy All Lines

Sunday, 6th November (18+)
Corner Hotel, Melbourne
Tickets:  Destroy All Lines

Wednesday, 9th November (18+)
The Basement, Canberra
Tickets: Destroy All Lines

Thursday, 10th November (18+)
Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle
Tickets: Destroy All Lines

Friday, 11th November (18+)
Manning Bar, Sydney
Tickets: Destroy All Lines

Saturday, 12th November (18+)
The Bridgside, Brisbane
Tickets: Destroy All Lines

Sunday, 13th November (18+)
Shark Bar, Gold Coast
Tickets: Destroy All Lines

Jai Price

Jai is a 21 year-old Perth lad looking to be a moderately successful teacher and/or journalist. His interests include playing videogames, watching anime, reading manga (and, you know, actual tv shows and literature) and writing reviews. His most shameful interest is an unironic love of Maroon 5.

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