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Jai Price spends a moment chatting to Melbourne up-and-comer Maya about her new single, Sinners.

So first, I just want to have a chat about your debut single, Sinners. It’s a very layered piece, with the backing vocals and strings. What were your influences when crafting it?

My influences were basically trying to create a sound that was different, I wanted to use vocal backings in fresh ways.

What was the creative process from the conception of Sinners to its release?

It was a bit of a long process, because I recorded the song with some people in LA, and it was very collaborative deal. We wrote the song, next day we were in the studio recording it, and then I was leaving the day after that so they were left with all of the tools to put the song together. That was a strange process, because I’d never done that before. There were a couple of changes along the way, so it took a while, but I feel like it came together quite easily.

The music video is very… seductive, for lack of a better word. What was it like to make that?

It was great fun! It was really hard because I’d never tried to be so fierce in my life, but I wanted to create a very kind of, sexual desires feeling without really going too hard in sexualising myself. It was interesting trying to tackle that, but it was great practise getting into a different type of art.

What has your journey as an artist been like up to this point?

It’s been great! I’ve been playing music since I was a kid, so at this point it’s really just been about releasing stuff to the world and, I believe, to learn the process. I’ve been playing as a musician for almost ten years now, and I’m really happy to finally get out there to the world.

Was it hard to break into the industry to get to this point, where you’re releasing your first single?

It was a little bit hard because there was quite a lot of pressure for the first way you expose yourself, so really figuring out what style I and who I wanted to be was interesting. Now I feel we’ve really come to a good time!

You’ve got some shows coming up in Melbourne. Are you looking forward to those?

Yes, I am! I’ve got the 2nd of September at the Evelyn, that’s going to be insane. We’ve got slideshows, dancers. Really, I’m just trying to change up live show experience, make it something to really get excited by.

Sounds good! Would you ever consider doing a national tour?

Yes, I would love to, I honestly would. Hopefully I’ll get some national fans growing soon with everything coming out, and stuff floating online, so then I’ll be able to come down!

Sounds great! So, what’s next for you?

Next is the EP. I’ve just been in the studio three or four days a week putting all of my music into a computer. I’m going to release that at the end of this year or the start of next year. It’s going to be unreal because that’s all my own writing, all my own sounds, so I can’t wait for that.

Will it be in the same vein as Sinners, or will you mix it up a bit?

I just released a Sinners rework, and it’s going to be the same vibe as that. So, the rework is really what I envisioned for the song when we were recording it. I love what the guys brought back from LA and it was beautiful to work with them, but the rework’s kind of just the vibe I was feeling myself. It’s very coherent to the EP, so hopefully people like that, and they’ll like the EP!

Jai Price

Jai is a 21 year-old Perth lad looking to be a moderately successful teacher and/or journalist. His interests include playing videogames, watching anime, reading manga (and, you know, actual tv shows and literature) and writing reviews. His most shameful interest is an unironic love of Maroon 5.

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