Why Pokémon Go is Great for Photographers

Train, snap, sleep, repeat, says pokemaster Simon Tubey.

13663402_10209783263156857_755039740_oYou only need to have the new Pokémon Go app on your phone to find like minded Poké-fans in your neighborhood. The phenomenon is still in its infancy and has already started to be heralded as something of a menace, where the Pokémon Go memes soon became reality in the US with the app causing traffic collisions. Others see the game as a way to unite under a similar interest and make new friends.

Whilst many fans of the new app enjoy the game for its innovation, addictive qualities and promotion of good health through walking; other somewhat overlooked aspects of the game’s design are yet to be fully embraced. The game has the option to capture a photo of the Pokémon appearing in ‘actual reality’ with some already humorous results hitting the internet.

13621673_10209783397000203_702509819_oThe artistic benefit of such a feature might be lost on many until you begin to realise that the game encourages you to venture out of your house and into areas of natural beauty or populated areas. These two ingredients are the making of an enthusiastic photographer. The option to photograph a wild creature not only promotes an interest in wildlife, but also helps train the eye in the art of framing a shot. Another appealing feature of Pokémon Go is the variety within its appeal, encouraging people and families of all backgrounds to head out of their living rooms, into local areas of beauty together and enjoy photographing their catches together. It isn’t hard to see that Pokémon Go not only stands to pioneer a new direction in mobile entertainment, but also in a new way for creatives of all ages to express themselves.

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