Here they come, just in time, to ruin your childhood, the Powerpuff Girls!

The New Powerpuff Girls - Lost Magazine

The Powerpuff Girls revival was a major disappointment and Natalee Hall is fuming over it!

The Powerpuff Girls were a huge part of my childhood, as, I am sure, they were for a lot of people; so when I heard about the revival, I was so much more excited than a 20-year-old should be about a cartoon. I watched it and I was filled with an unreasonable amount of anger. They destroyed The Powerpuff Girls.

The show was never about trends or “fitting in”, the show was about empowering girls and building them to believe they could do anything. Everyone has been buying into the recent “nostalgia craze” and so many of our beloved TV shows are being given a ‘second chance’. Full House was given it’s Netflix revival with Fuller House, and they got it right. Fuller House gave Full House fans the fix they needed and then moved on to becoming their own show, the show can now stand on its own two feet. Powerpuff Girls is trying too hard to impress us.

I tuned in for the very first episode and from the first sentence I was enraged. They destroyed the strong-minded, crime-fighting Powerpuff Girls in the first few minutes by having them ‘fan-girl’ over a fictional boy band. The first episode is based around the girls trying to impress members of this boy band by doing things and then imagining how they would react if they were there. THIS drives me insane, our beloved Powerpuff Girls would be disgusted. They did not do things to impress people, and they did not do things to impress boys.

Sadly, this isn’t the only infuriating thing to happen in the revival. Before the show was even on my radar the producers already disrespected it’s roots by not even asking the original voice actors to reprise their roles. They also threw out the original theme song, how the Powerpuff’s came to be and the first episode didn’t even begin with the legendary, “The City of Townsville”. I am 90% sure that the snarky narrator was most of the reason people loved the show so much.

How will the new generation know the context of “Sugar, and spice, and everything nice… and Chemical X” when it is no longer in the opening of the show; speaking of the new generation, I understand that the show has to appeal to them, but I do not understand how rap battles, twerking and saying things like “I literally can’t even” is put into a show for any reason but to make the audience cringe. No one wants to watch 6-year-olds twerk.

The Powerpuff Girls wasn’t just about girl power, it was about fighting crime and making the world a better place. I thought the show was being made, not only to bring in a bunch of nostalgia-crazed 20-year-olds, but to inspire a whole new generation of kids. I did find the whole candy-hangover episode quite amusing but I am 20 years old, I understand the “hangover” references, I doubt kids will understand how eating too many lollies makes you forget an entire evening. I guess it was my own fault for having such high hopes for the new show. From now on I will only watch the original Powerpuff Girls, because they kick ass.

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