SOTA 2016 – Catching the buzz with Mosquito Coast

mosquito coast
Mosquito Coast

Local indie-rock dreamers Mosquito Coast graced the main stage of State of the Art Music Festival on WA day. Talking about winning the last years Triple J Unearthed High Comp, their future plans and their methods to creating dreamy guitar-driven pop and excitement and love for SOTA; we found time to chat with Conor Barton and Naomi Robinson.

How have you found the State of the Art Festival so far?

Conor: It has been fun; we are excited to see Koi Child and Ta-Ku.

Naomi: It has been really good, everyone is really nice; all the band people are and we are having heaps of fun and excited to see Koi Child and other bands like San Cisco.

What has been your most favourite aspect of the festival?

Naomi: The fact that it’s not raining and I really like the big circus tents; they were really cool.

In some ways SOTA is a celebration of WA’s local music; do you reckon Perth has a lot to offer musically?

Naomi: Yes, there are heaps of people making music and everyone is really supportive of one another.

Conor: Everyone is in each other’s bands, everybody knows everyone, and everybody is just so tight.

As a band, you guys won Triple J’s Unearthed High 2015 music competition; has there been a big transition for you guys since winning the comp?

Naomi: We started gigging under different names; just doing open mics for practise. Every show is different now though, everything is different; it just depends.

Conor: We get asked to play a lot more instead of us having to try and find gigs; and we have been welcomed by a lot of bands who are bigger than us. We try not to get too pressured, other than to play well live, not much; maybe it’ll change.

What are your plans for the future? Any future tours or albums?

Naomi: We are recording this week, recording some new songs, so that’s pretty exciting. Connor’s going to Europe and then we are going to release some stuff and hopefully be able to do some more gigs.

Plenty of stuff on the horizon then.

Conor: We will be releasing the songs hopefully soon whenever we finish recording them and then we will be heading off on tour in September, should be fun!

Your sound is quite cool and has been described as breezy, why do you think people find it so appealing?

Conor: We don’t try to be super chill; it just comes out like that. All of our songs start off a lot rougher when you peel it all down and flatten it comes out as – I like to describe it as dreamy, hopefully that’s how it comes out.

Naomi: I think so as well, because we always use the same synth it’s like “what kind of effect is this”. It’s just really fazey and I think that’s what makes it dreamy.

Conor: And Naomi’s voice obviously, keeps it chill; no screaming.

Naomi: We drench it in reverb.

Mosquito Coast tour nationally in September.

mosquito coast
Mosquito Coast

Joe Wilson

Joe prides himself on being the only person to consider sparklers in a total fire ban to be a good idea and surviving the 20 minute odyssey from the festival to his campsite at Southbound. He is a regular punter at Perth gigs and has recently picked up the grand title of Master of Reviews at Grok. He also suffers from alcohol-induced multiple personality disorder and has two known alter-egos; Late Night Joe and Chuck.

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