Kindergarten Cop-Out 2

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Sandra Argese has things to say about Kindergarten Cop 2. None of them are good.

A straight to DVD release is never going to be a good movie. It’s almost as if the filmmakers are too ashamed to witness the dispensable quantity of money that’ll be turned in at the box office from an even more embarrassing film. Or they made it because they had nothing better to do with their time. Or they wanted to cash in on a franchise that is long gone, or create a franchise that never needed to exist after an original film did so well.

image_jpg_betaRecently, a trailer was dropped for a movie that didn’t need to be made, or at least didn’t need to be noted as a sequel to a much better classic. A cringe worthy inducing few minutes of trailer material outright kills nineties nostalgia as we are presented with Kindergarten Cop 2. The acting seems to succumb to an outright mess of B-grade quality as macho man Dolph Lundgren goes undercover as a Kindergarten teacher. The kids run all over him, he loses his cool, he yells, all whilst trying to catch a criminal. Seem familiar? It is seemingly regurgitating the storyline with a now unoriginal plot (one that we loved in the 1990 classic). Sorry to disappoint, but it transmits the feeling of an attempted but disguised remake more than a sequel (no wonder Arnie isn’t anywhere to be seen, he’s clearly way too good for this).

Check it out for yourself. Warning: It’s terrible.

Will this movie make any dough? In an age of sequels, reboots and remakes the answer is: probably. People love nostalgia, of course. Some might just be seeking the same outright hilarity of the original, where the triceps bulging policeman known as Detective John Kimble is unexpectedly the best thing to happen to a young class of Kindergarteners, with hilarious results and famous quotes along the way. So it might work for that reason, but for now, let’s remember how hilarious this movie was with this classic moment:

The reality is, many are likely going to be disappointed with this sequel, or won’t even bother with this film, and it’s not difficult to see why.

Sandra Argese

A twenty two year old with a greater fondness for nostalgia than that of a ninety nine year old. I tell the stories that deserve to be told.

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