Midnight Oil Are Back!

Oils Mawson 4

This is pretty damn exciting.

It’s the news every hardcore Australian music fan have been waiting for, for a little while now. Over ten years to be precise, and fourteen years to be exact.

Midnight Oil are back, and they’ve just announced via their official website and Facebook Page that they’ll be touring next year in 2017 and beyond. Check out their official post below:

The band split in 2002 and have not headlined a tour since that time, though it is clear the fans have not gone anywhere as the bands Facebook page boasts over 180,000 followers and their music videos continue to rack up views in the millions online.
They are reforming to bring their classic hits (and perhaps some new songs?) back to the forefront of Australian music, where they truly belong, and they’re doing it live internationally and around the country.3

Midnight Oil’s twenty five year career spawned eleven albums, and breathed fresh air and a political voice into a plethora of issues dominating Australia throughout the mid twentieth century. Their music spoke to people, and their status as permanent figures of Australian history is legendary.

This announcement is beyond exciting for music fans everywhere, and no doubt, tickets will sell fast.
For now, you can sign up to their newsletter here hear about the first tour dates.

Midnight Oil are finally back

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