Auguste’s Fresh New Beat



Indie-pop soul sisters in bond-not-blood Auguste have smashed out delicious single “Kingdom”; a delicious track featuring an old-school 90s pop feel. Overlayed with neatly placed strings during the chorus and reverb echoes crying out in solidarity, the track has a sense of age about it yet simultaneously hearkening to something fresh. When listening to the track, many artists come to mind; most prominently echoes of Florence Welch of Florence of the Machine during the chorus, where the vocals soothingly echo over undulating strings and sharp artificial drum beats.

The song is a symptom of the constant re-imagining and recycling of pop from two decades ago, providing something fresh for young listeners and a longing nostalgia for old. The introduction starts off a bit quirky and off-putting, with alternatively quickly pitched vocals forming a tune, giving the track a humble home-baked feel with a mischievous disco after-taste.

The verses are contemplative and subtle, with the sample of strings artfully guiding the sentiment of vocals, demanding space and solidarity. The track itself is a really fluid piece, with the verse and chorus flowing seamlessly and effortlessly; making way for a pleasurable listening experience. The whole piece is truly ethereal, ending with the fading and echoing of “you’re killing me”, leading to two interpretations for the listener to use; a cry for help or an audible gesture of defiance; which in the case for the latter would be a very, very smooth one.

Youthful, bold and mature; it’s a sign of the sisters taking a step into the right, stylistic direction.


Joe Wilson

Joe prides himself on being the only person to consider sparklers in a total fire ban to be a good idea and surviving the 20 minute odyssey from the festival to his campsite at Southbound. He is a regular punter at Perth gigs and has recently picked up the grand title of Master of Reviews at Grok. He also suffers from alcohol-induced multiple personality disorder and has two known alter-egos; Late Night Joe and Chuck.

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