Goodnight Moon – For the Better Launch

Fresh to the local scene is young faced indie-grunge rockers Goodnight Moon who took the stage at the Rosemount Hotel on Friday 20 November to launch their new single For The Better. Vibes were high for the five-piece band, with a young surfer crowd packing out the hotel’s newly re-vamped 459 Bar.

With supports from A’tuin and Sly Withers, it was The DROOLS who were perhaps the standout support act of the evening, bringing a solid performance from only three members. However after over a year performing local gigs without properly recording their tunes, Goodnight Moon had big things up their sleeves for the sea of eager punters. 

Launching their debut Single For The Better, recorded and mastered with help from Poons Heads studios Rob Grant (past clients including Tame Impala, Jebediah and Miley Cyrus) there were high hopes.

A tight new single wasn’t the only new thing the band had to offer, with the usual lead vocalist being recently replaced by Sean Hogan, also formerly in a band with members of The DROOLS. Bringing some Cobain-esque sound, the newest lead singer showed a huge vocal range, including his raw bellowing, reminiscent of heavy genres.

Apart from some initial nerves, the band was consistent in delivering a rock-hard performance.

With support vocals from bassist Kane Batka, a strong lead guitar from Kieran Nevin, Shaun Arnup on percussion and rhythm guitarist Angus Hawkes, the vibes were at times euphoric.
The set was compelling and displayed niche influences including Violent Soho (big-ups for having a crack at the bawling Hell F**k Yeah chorus). The band created nostalgia for a music-loving Gen Y audience, Creating a Triple-j early 2000s feel.

Goodnight Moon ended the set on a stunning note with a song which mimicked the likes of Blink 182 and Wheatus. Lucky for punters merchandise didn’t fall short either, with an impressive range of shirts and other items available, given bands young life-span.

Overall Goodnight Moon’s short yet sweet set brought charming vocals to the table and displayed an impressive stage presence. With such potential in the early stages as a Perth band, we can only wonder what new sounds these Perth lads might rustle up for their upcoming EP. Until then check out their latest Single on their unearthed page here.

Kira Carlin


Kira is a journalist, a nosy-parker, Editor of Lost Magazine and a devout taker of pictures. When not engaged in hyper-intellectual conversations at the pub (or soapbox rants on feminism), you can find her foraging for weeds in South Fremantle, adopting cats, or researching how to survive off-grid. Her interests include editing, avoiding editing, nesting and ice-cream.

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