The Silent Deeds

The Silent Deeds‘ “Desert Town” EP Launch at the Boston was a treat for punters who wished to see a plethora of great music. Decked out with a classic Irish pub décor, The Boston provided the perfect intimate venue for The Silent Deeds and its support bands to smash out addictive rhythms and classic rock ballads.

The first band to hit the stage was heavy rock outfit Amberdown, who kicked off the festivities with a barrage of heavy rock chords and metal vocals. Drinking export in brown bags and bantering amongst themselves, their laid-back presence on stage placed the crowd at ease. Their sound was vaguely akin to bands like Evanescence, but the piercing screams of lead singer Daniel Connell was selling point of the band. “Too Late” was a highlight with the track evoking themes of dread and doom through a terrifying bassline and agitated vocals.

Photo by Danii Harry Photography

Photo by Danii Harry Photography

Casino Sunrise lightened the mood with addictive disco beats. Lead singer Justin Campbell masterfully wove catchy synth melodies into layers of undulating bass. The Boston was filled with a funk-infused burst of techno and rhythm and the crowd reacted earnestly to the group’s unique blend of ecstatic synth.

The Volcanics finished off the night with an intense punk rock package of tantalising riffs and sharp, penetrating vocals. Acting as a great musical aftertaste to main performance by the Silent Deeds themselves, The Volcanics provided the punters with proof that punk is indeed not dead.

However it was The Silent Deeds who made this gig feel like a celebration. Frontman Corey Ranger thanked the individual band members and their relatives amongst the audience for supporting the band’s work which created a sense of personal intimacy and only added to the infectious energy their music released.

Playing through all the individual tracks in their EP, the set was laced with classic rock hits and sad heartfelt ballads. It was these ballads that the band really excelled at, hitting an emotive note at various points throughout their performance. However, the band’s power chords during songs like “Rusty Chair” addled with the bluesy solos from lead guitarist Elayton Brown were not be ignored either.

Photo by Danii Harry Photography

Photo by Danii Harry Photography

In between their heartfelt ballads, the band also tossed out bouts of familiar and addictive tracks of alternative rock. More electrifying in tempo than the more ballad-like tracks, it showed the emotional range of Corey Ranger’s vocals, be it from melancholic contemplation to frustrated anguish. The band ended their set in much of the same way they started it, with a classic rock and roll sound reminiscent of the likes of Creedence Clearwater Revival and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

The Silent Deeds’ brand new EP “The Desert Town” is available now from their website.

Kira Carlin


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