The Force Awakens: A Fanboy’s New Hope for the Star Wars Franchise

As the giant yellow writing passed by on-screen for the 7th time, my hands went numb.

I will try and keep this as spoiler free as I can. I can only describe the feeling of seeing the Falcon back in flight as making my heart skip a beat. From start to finish, The Force Awakens is what a ride through a galaxy far, far away should be. It was as much a new, fresh story as much as it was a bow to the legacy set by the original trilogy all those years ago. Our new leads have a long journey ahead of them, and thankfully, we have the same kind of chemistry between them that gelled together and made us fall in love with Luke, Han and Leia. I already have more affection Rey, Finn and Poe (and BB-8!!!) in my pinky finger than I ever did for Padme and Anakin.

Come the end of the film you’ll be wanting more, asking questions and gripping your seat hoping that there’s just one more scene.
As I sat down to watch it I could not help but feel the trepidation that Luke Skywalker himself must have felt stepping into a wider world. Revisiting that galaxy was like revisiting close friends from long ago. I was unsure at first but after a few short minutes it was as if we hadn’t skipped a beat.I was lucky enough to snag a seat for the midnight premiere. Even at 11:00pm the mood in the cinema seemed more like a comic convention than a screening. There were Boba Fetts, Rebel pilots, Jedi, Sith and even a frozen Han walking around, chatting and posing for photos, battling it out with lightsabers and using the Force on unsuspecting photographers.

The Force Awakens premiere Photo: Castaway Photography
The Force Awakens premiere

Photo: Castaway Photography

The best part about The Force Awakens is that it doesn’t try too hard. It treats its audience like adults and knows that fart jokes, bumbling clowns (Jar Jar I’m looking at you) and over-the-top special effects are not what make a Star Wars film.

There are a multitude of questions that need to be answered in episodes 8 and 9, new and (more) old friends to see again, and this fan can’t wait to get back on board.

Liam Thomson

Review Editor

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