Kaotsun’s Cover Dance Crew

Kaotsun’s Cover Dance Crew is a Perth based K-Pop dance cover group that began its life as a class in 2010 and evolved into a crew that performs at various events and functions around Perth in 2012.

Our photographer Simon Tubey caught up with the crew at the recent Neko Nation anime nightclub event at Gilkison’s dance studio in Perth. He also went along to a class they held the following morning!

We chatted to dancers Kao and Aubrey about how the group came to be.

Where and how was the idea born?

Kao: I started making K-Pop dance covers on YouTube since 2008. Having been one of the very few coverdancers on YouTube back then, when people knew I lived in Perth I often got asked why not hold classes to help others learn the dances they wanted to. That’s why I started teaching in 2010 :). In 2012, I got contacted to perform at K-holic, a Korean night club event and I didn’t want to perform alone so I held an audition to find more people to dance with me. That was when the crew was born. Thankfully people really enjoyed our performances and we have been asked to perform at many different events since.

What kind of things does KCDC perform at?

Aubrey: Started off performing at Metro City for their KHolic night. We would prepare a couple of performances if we dance more than once on stage. We performed for KHolic four times. Then we were guest performers at a dance competition and A-Team (a mini concert where famous YouTube singers/rappers came to Perth to perform). After that, we mostly participated in events like Anime conventions, Multicultural Festivals, Japanese Festivals held at universities, parks, and Perth City. Earlier on in the year, we had the honour to perform a flash mob at Central TAFE in Northbridge, which was an amazing first experience.

What’s the name of the “leader”?

Kao: Kaotsun…..from Kaotsun’s cover dance crew? Haha – I usually refer to myself as mama Kao and the crew members are my baby moos.

Is K-Pop dancing a mix of other styles or is it its own? How would you describe K-pop dancing to someone who’s never heard of it before?

Aubrey: Yeah, in a way, Kpop is a mix of all styles of dance. There’s hip hop, jazz, contemporary, modern dance, burlesque and more. Choreographers create the routine that will best suit the genre of song. K-pop dances have a few unique point moves that are easy for fans to pick up and follow. We think that’s what makes K-pop stand out from others and we enjoy covering them.

Want to see more shots of the group in action? Check out Simon’s behind-the-scenes timelapse video of the morning rehearsal as well!

Kira Carlin


Kira is a journalist, a nosy-parker, Editor of Lost Magazine and a devout taker of pictures. When not engaged in hyper-intellectual conversations at the pub (or soapbox rants on feminism), you can find her foraging for weeds in South Fremantle, adopting cats, or researching how to survive off-grid. Her interests include editing, avoiding editing, nesting and ice-cream.

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