Get Fresh, Get Lost

City Slider ImageSummer is just around the corner and we are going to be hitting the ground running.

No, really. We’ll be putting our swimsuits on, lathering up with sunblock and taking a run up to launch ourselves onto the City Slider, a 325m-long water slide coming to Canberra on 5 December 2015 (tickets available here starting today!).

We’ll also be checking out fun, friendship and even the Force, exploring the ever-increasing hype surrounding the new Star Wars film.

So if you’re after something fresh to keep you cool this summer, don’t you worry – Lost has got you covered like SPF 50+.

Angharad 'Hari' Lodwick

Angharad (it’s Welsh, “Hari” for short) was born in Melbourne, spent five years as an ex-pat brat in Jakarta, Indonesia before moving to a 50 acre property in rural Victoria. With that kind of a polarised upbringing, it’s no wonder she turned out to be somewhat of a “free spirit”. Angharad’s obsessions are books and rabbits, both of which probably originate from reading Watership Down, Alice in Wonderland and Beatrix Potter repeatedly as a child. She has been affectionately dubbed a “crazy bunny lady” on more than one occasion. Angharad has a lot to say about human rights and modern culture, and loves to explore new ideas and push boundaries. She likes to experience what she writes, and has been known to befriend East Javanese tattoo artists, drive up erupting volcanoes and walk naked through the National Gallery of Australia. Angharad is hoping to bring a sense of wonder, curiosity and adventure to Lost Magazine, with or without clothes. If you want to risk catching her book fanaticism, you can also check out her book blog at

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