Lil Tortilla Boi

10668809_488168594672783_7984380821428407577_o“Nothing beats a good burrito”

North Fremantle is a cultural microcosm in the southward suburban scrawl between Perth and Fremantle. The area is a unique combination of beachside lifestyle and grunge inner city mentality.  I have been a fan of the area for a long time due to music venues such as Mojo’s bar and the Railway hotel, and the hipster duo, Flipside and Mrs Browns.

Last year Short Black Sheep, an excellent café I would recommend, started leasing their kitchen for pop up restaurants on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. The original, Three Little Piggy’s, an American slow cooked meats and wings, was great but a little pricey. Since then, hands have changed and the new leaseholders, Lil Tortilla Boi, are ticking all the right boxes.

The menu is simple. The options are Tortilla or Burrito for $10 all made with homemade, gluten free corn tortilla. My review companion and I order Buttermilk Fried Chicken Burritos with a side of Curly Fries and Cheese and Jalapenos Balls. The venue is BYO so in the 10 minutes we waited for food my friend and I strolled down to Old Bridge Cellars and selected a variety of tasty Craft beers from their massive selection.

The Burrito was delicious. Plenty of fresh salad balanced well with crispy fried chicken, spicy sauces and plenty of Guacamole. On the counter is a large range of chilli sauces for the brave customers. My companion exclaimed, “Nothing beats a good burrito” as we wolfed down our meals. As good as the burrito was, it paled in comparison to the side dishes.

The Cheese and Jalapenos Balls were fantastic as the Jalapenos were not over powering but more a tip of the tongue flavour. The curly fries were extra crispy with a good amount of chilli salt.  Served with a chilli aioli, the combination was the perfect combination with some craft beers.

As property prices increase and the younger generation want to eat cheaper, trendy food out, there’s bound to be more demand for more pop up restaurants around cultural hubs. These pop up stores offer a great initial step for well-known food van operators, such a Little Tortilla Boi, to enter the lucrative restaurant scene. These guys know exactly who they’re providing for, and the amazing food reflects this. From my great experience at their place I know that this is only the beginning for Lil Tortilla Boi.

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