Good Things

Good ThingsThis café has a forgettable name. Honestly, I forgot the name three times while writing this review. But, Good Things café was a memorable experience. When I heard that a café in my area had only been open for three weeks, I quickly convinced my hungover mate to get out of bed and meet me there for brunch.

Good Things is located next to the IGA and bottle shop complex on the top of Wellington Street, Mosman Park. The venue had previously been Anne’s Restaurant, which closed down late last year.

The interior is simple and well thought out. For a small area, it feels very spacious with plenty of room for customers and runners to move through. Its northern orientation makes it warm on a cold, autumn morning. The cucumber infused water provided is very refreshing.

The café offers a range of cakes, fresh salads, bagels and hearty breakfasts priced from $14 to $20. I decided on the dukkah roast pumpkin with maple bacon and fried eggs, served on a flakey roti with fresh pesto. I accompanied this with a mango and banana smoothie with cinnamon, turmeric and almond meal. My companion ordered the special of the day, cheeseburger, served with roast potatoes. He had this with an ice coffee.

Service was fast with our drinks taking about 10 minutes and our meals taking about 15. The mango smoothie was served in an old fashion milk bottle with a metal straw. I thought the smoothie was very nice but tasted more of banana than mango. The ice coffee was served in a jam jar with a metal straw. The presentation and taste of the ice coffee was excellent and it would make a refreshing alternative on a hot day.

I really got excited when the food arrived. My meal was well balanced and the roast pumpkin combined nicely with the pesto and maple bacon. I was pleasantly surprised with the maple bacon as it was not sickly sweet and brought smokiness to the dish. The flakey roti was a nice alternative to the usual toast as it blended well with the dish and was easy to pull apart.

The cheeseburger was a lifesaver for my hungover friend. Two bites in and he exclaimed, “I feel revitalized.” The burger patty was a good consistency, soft but not falling apart. The roast potatoes were a fresh alternative to starchy and fatty chips often served at other cafes.

Brunch at Good Things was a real kick-start to my day. The food is fresh and full of flavour and real effort has been put into building the menu.

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