Noodle Rider

I have been meaning to try the Noodle Forum for a long time now. It has been labeled a “must go” by several Perth based food bloggers for the following reasons; firstly, the quality and freshness of the noodles and secondly, the “Noodle Rider” or “Bamboo Bouncer”. To actually appreciate what “Noodle Rider” means, you have to check out the video above.

This restaurant is a real hole in the wall. The first few times I looked for it I actually couldn’t find it. It is located in the Equus Retail Arcade and is only open for lunch Monday to Saturday. In a city that is saturated with good Asian lunch spots, it was surprising to find a line of people prepared to wait to get a seat at this small noodle bar.

While in the line, I was fascinated to watch the Noodle Rider at work through the display window to the kitchen. You can see with your own eyes how the owner traditionally makes the noodles on premises by beating the noodles with a large bamboo rolling pin that he bounces on.

good thingsWhen you get inside the noodle bar your senses come alive with the aromas of all kinds of spices. The bar is lined with communal benches and bar stools. The Noodle Forum has a warm, homely feel as you sit elbow to elbow with your neighbor. I spied hungrily on my neighbors’ food on either side of me as they happily slurped down their noodles.

The menu is very straight forward, seven types of noodles ranging between $10 – $15 and fried dumplings as an entrée. The fried dumplings are meaty and salty served with a creamy dip. Whole prawns hide inside these crispy treats.

The noodles are great. On hearing I like spicy food, the waiter suggested I try their Laska. The Laska was great; it had a decent amount of prawns, chicken, tofu and vegetables in a serve. It was well balanced with the noodles and soup, not too creamy and not too spicy.

I also tried the Crispy Chicken Tender Noodles. This was deep-fried chicken tenderloin, served with barbecue-fried noodles topped with chili mayo. These noodles were real tasty but personally I could have gone with a bit more chili.

The Noodle Forum lives up to the hype. The noodles are fresh and tasty and service was fast and efficient. I highly recommend the Noodle Forum.

Kira Carlin


Kira is a journalist, a nosy-parker, Editor of Lost Magazine and a devout taker of pictures. When not engaged in hyper-intellectual conversations at the pub (or soapbox rants on feminism), you can find her foraging for weeds in South Fremantle, adopting cats, or researching how to survive off-grid. Her interests include editing, avoiding editing, nesting and ice-cream.

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